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A Note From the Dean

A Note From the Dean

This is an exciting time for the College of Health and Human Performance (HHP). Our faculty and staff are exceeding expectations of the University of Florida, a top five public university. The HHP community is setting new standards for educational excellence and leading innovative research that will advance how we live, work and play.

This issue of Performance focuses on artificial intelligence (AI), a new strategic priority for the University of Florida. The university is integrating AI into every aspect of education and is dramatically expanding AI-related research. To make this possible, the university has partnered with Nvidia, an industry leader in AI technology, to develop the most efficient university supercomputer in the world.

The university’s AI initiative is empowering HHP faculty and students to drive change and make new discoveries. In this issue, you will learn about exciting AI applications that include...

• utilizing AI to help diagnose and treat diseases,
• enhancing performance in sports with machine learning,
• creating new opportunities in tourism through robotics, and
• evaluating the ethical and equitable use of this new technology.

And this is just the beginning! In the future, we plan to share more developments in AI. New faculty with AI expertise will be joining the college and AI is being incorporated into innovative academic programs. AI is one more way HHP is supporting the university’s drive for preeminence.

It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

Michael Reid

Summer 2022

Transforming the Future Through AI

The word “artificial intelligence” used to conjure up images of science fiction. Now the technology represents a reality for the way we conduct business, research and even leisure. HHP researchers have begun to immerse their disciplines in the realm of AI as a powerful tool to process their data. READ MORE

Transforming the Future Through AI

Exploring AI in APK

As AI continues to uproot approaches to research throughout all fields of study, the Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (APK) is incorporating the technology into their labs. Over the last several years, APK faculty have begun to collaborate and train students in using AI as a powerful computational tool, said David Vaillancourt, Ph.D., professor and chair. READ MORE

Investigating the Ethics of AI

The rapid emergence of artificial intelligence has confronted all of UF’s colleges with a new era of learning. But how can students and faculty stay on the same page about the ways the technology will affect their fields of study?

Delores James, Ph.D., associate professor in health education & behavior, and the UF Teaching Innovations Committee are working to help faculty, graduate students and post-docs better understand AI and how it fits into their curricula. READ MORE

Using Data to Guide Major League Career Goals

Researchers use a machine learning algorithm based on performance and progression data to calculate minor league baseball players' chances of making it to the majors and whether they would update their expectations after learning of data-driven probabilities. READ MORE

AI and Robots in Hospitality are Put to the Test

Robots are here to serve customers in high-touch industries such as hospitality. From supplying towels and toiletries to booking rooms, AI is a new player in the era of social distancing, but some customers and businesses are still hesitant about the technology. Oscar (Hengxuan) Chi, Ph.D., assistant professor in tourism, hospitality & event management, has worked to capture the factors of consumer acceptance toward social service robots in places like hotel lobbies and restaurant floors. READ MORE

AI Across the Curriculum

This spring, UF announced the creation of the Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center to be the campus focal point for academic activity related to AI and data science, including the coordination and development of programs and certificates, collaborations across faculty and students, organization of seminars and conferences, as well as industry and nonprofit partnerships. READ MORE

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A Political Football

The #TakeAKnee movement spread across NFL teams and other sports as a sign of solidarity against police brutality and racial inequality against people of color and Black Americans. Researchers wanted to tackle fans’ perceptions of the league’s credibility from their responses to crises. READ MORE

The Rising Tide

Andrei Kirilenko, Ph.D., associate professor in tourism, hospitality and event management, remembers when a trip 25 years ago to Barcelona was a tranquil stay without crowds. Since then, droves of tourists have had the local government and citizens pushing back for space in their own city. He believes Florida is on the verge of that mismatch between residents and visitors. READ MORE

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Brian Cook

Brian Cook

Brian Cook, MSAPK ’06, Ph.D. ’10, earned a master’s and doctorate degree in the Department of Applied Physiology & Kinesiology. His career includes serving in a leadership role at a nationwide eating disorder clinic focused on movement, research and outcomes.

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Alexandra Rodriguez

Alexandra Rodriguez

Alexandra Rodriguez, BSAPK ’19, is a UF MPH student in the College of Public Health & Health Professions and Research Assistant for the Center for Arts in Medicine.

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