College of Health and Human Performance

transforming the future through ai

HHP researchers explore using AI as a powerful tool to process their data

transforming the future through ai

by Manny Rea

The word “artificial intelligence” used to conjure up images of science fiction. Now the technology represents a reality for the way we conduct business, research and even leisure.

The University of Florida is making AI the centerpiece of a major, long-term initiative. AI is the ability of computers to do tasks that previously required human judgment. The university announced a partnership with software company Nvidia to invest into the tech which manifested into the HiPerGator AI, the country’s most powerful university-owned supercomputer. This supercomputer enables college researchers from across the state to analyze swaths of data.

More recently, UF announced the Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center which will help coordinate programs in teaching about the uses of AI for professors and students across all curricula. UF is the first university to integrate the technology in this way and is hoping to create a more AI-equipped workforce for the future.

In HHP, researchers have begun to immerse their disciplines in the realm of AI as a powerful tool to process their data. Whether analyzing minor league baseball career trajectories or the organization of the human brain, AI has helped realize new possibilities in how far the college can take its research. But professors have also begun to explore the ethical considerations of AI research and why it is key to provide equitable AI access and education to underrepresented populations.