Outstanding Young Alumni

Outstanding Young Alumni recipients are selected annually by the college and honored during the college's annual spring awards. Criteria for the award include being within 10 years of graduation, making a significant impact on their industry and having professional accomplishments at the state, national and international level. They are Gators who are truly making a difference in our world — for the GATOR GOOD

CLASS of 2023
Joe DaSilva • Annabelle Juin • Bryant Seamon

CLASS of 2022
William "Will" Atkins • Pascale Bélony • Christopher Bucciarelli • Chynna Clayton • Ben Kennedy

CLASS of 2021 — Latonya N. Delaughter

CLASS of 2020 — Janelle T. Garcia • Brittany K. Marshall

CLASS of 2019 — Jessica L. King • Natalie S. King

CLASS of 2018
Gabrielle Darville • Joleen Cacciatore Miller • Virginia Chase Ralls • Addison Staples

CLASS of 2017 — John Egberts

CLASS of 2016 — James Di Virgilio • Jennifer Lea

CLASS of 2015 — Christina Ramos

CLASS of 2014 — Michael Carroll

CLASS of 2013 — Amy Horning

CLASS of 2012 — Gregory T. Coleman Terry D. Hashey

CLASS of 2011 — Damon P. Andrew Chris J. Hass Steven M.Mesler

CLASS of 2010 — Fitz Koehler • Michael Schmoyer

CLASS of 2009 — Philip W. Laird Susan T. Vadaparampil

CLASS of 2008 — Danielle Symons Downs Sean D. Gagnon

CLASS of 2007 — Charles H. Hillman Michele M. Johnson-Moore

CLASS of 2006 — Scott Balog Andy Miller