The human body is an amazing machine...
so is our teaching body

At HHP, we collaborate as an academic community to enrich lives, influence healthy living and enhance human performance. Since the college was founded in 1946, HHP faculty have consistently been on the leading edge of important and emerging health-related issues.

Some of the areas where we’re doing research include:

  • Addictive behavior and substance abuse
  • Examining beneficial therapy techniques for Parkinson's Disease and other physiological and cardiovascular disorders
  • America's obesity epidemic from all perspectives, to help guide prevention and policy
  • Discovering the role and impact of leisure activities, tourism and sport on individuals and the environment

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Cardiovascular & Muscle Physiology — Learn how exercise can prevent loss of muscle function and reverse heart and circulatory disease. Study how disease, aging and disuse can affect muscles.

Motor Behavior, Biomechanics & Rehab Neuroscience — Learn how muscles and the brain work together to improve performance and neurological impairments like Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Health Education & Behavior

Health Education & Behavior

In the Department of Health Education & Behavior, our researchers aim to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of individual and community health and promote behavior change that leads to healthier lifestyles and beneficial health outcomes. Some specific research topics include community science and digital health, substance misuse research, health literacy and equity, physical activity and obesity.


Sport Management

The Department of Sport Management prepares students to lead and develop sports-related businesses and enterprises that are socially responsible, inclusive and effective. Our faculty work to understand the ever-changing economic and lifestyle growth patterns in tomorrow’s marketplace and the impact of the sport industry.


Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management

The Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management seeks to improve overall quality of life by understanding and applying the knowledge of how individuals, families and industry value and benefit from tourism, recreation, parks and events. Our faculty study a wide range of interests including public recreation, travel and tourism, resort and attractions, and related industries.


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