The College of Health and Human Performance is committed to Shared Governance consistent with the definition and principles outlined by the University of Florida in the Report of the Presidential-Faculty Senate Joint Task Force on Shared Governance.

“Shared Governance” is the participation of administrators, faculty, staff and students in the decision- and policy-making process. The purpose of shared governance is to provide avenues to University improvement and productivity through the creation of a partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration. Such shared responsibility entails working toward mutual goals established by a fully enfranchised University community and therefore collaborative participation in: a) the identification of University priorities, b) the development of policy, c) defining the University’s responsibility for ethical leadership, d) enhanced community partnerships, and e) the governance of the University as a whole. (Adopted, Faculty Senate Meeting, April 26, 2000)

Authority and responsibility is shared in three ways, as defined in the Report and adapted to our College:

  • Determination: As delegated by the Dean, the Faculty and Staff through the College Council make the final determination on certain matters.
  • Recommendations: The Faculty and Staff through the College Council make recommendations on certain matters. The Dean (or designee) may modify or reject recommendations only after a further conference with the College Council. The Dean (or designee) will then inform the College Council (or representatives) of the final decision and the reasons for that decision.
  • Consultation: The Faculty and Staff through the College Council must have an opportunity for consultation with the Dean (or designee) on other matters connected with the priorities and policies of the College and their implementation. To consult means to have input into the decision-making process, and especially to be informed of the nature and rationale for decisions before they are made.

The Health & Human Performance College Constitution reflects and serves to implement these principles of shared governance.

“Shared Governance between faculty and administration is a reality at leading research universities. It is essential to the quality and the value of the education of the students, as well as the excellence and importance of the research conducted by all members of the University and the academic services offered within and beyond the University community.”

The College Council shall be the policy-making entity in the college.