Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. Student Handbook

The HHP Ph.D. Student Handbook is academic program requirements, policies and procedures, research opportunities and expectations, and additional resources. To view the full document, please see here.

Individualized Development Plan (IDP)

The College of Health and Human Performance Individual Development Plan (IDP) Template is completed annually to serve as a framework to guide the Ph.D. program of study to benefit both the faculty mentor and student in communication efforts toward completion of the doctoral degree. The IDP encourages students to create short- and long-term goals and identify markers that will aid students in achieving established goals. This instrument is not meant to be comprehensive or wholly inclusive but should be viewed as a guide toward developing an open dialogue between mentor and student and should help promote an understanding of expectations for completion of the doctoral degree. Each department within the College has a department specific IDP.

>> To review your respective department’s IDP template, please see here.

Annual Performance Review (APR)

In an effort to better understand the accomplishments of current doctoral students in the college, a review of doctoral students is conducted each spring. The annual review process is much like the annual review reports that all faculty complete.

Each active doctoral student must provide a copy of their updated CV highlighting their activities and accomplishments (including but not limited to publications, presentations, and grant activity) during the previous year (April 1 – March 30; if a student began the doctoral program in fall, then their report will begin August 1). In addition to the updated CV, each doctoral student must complete the Annual Performance Review (APR) survey. These materials are collected through a Qualtrics survey that is distributed to students by email and are due by mid-March each year. Responses are not anonymous and will be reviewed Graduate Faculty in the student’s respective department.

The annual review and evaluation has three parts:

Part One: An Annual Performance Review (APR). The APR is a survey reviewing Demographics; Major Professor; Program of Study, Fellowship, Assistantship, Candidacy & Graduation Status; Professional Organizations; Publications; Professional Presentations; and Grant Activity.

Part Two: An updated CV. If the CV is up to date, it should take minimal time to prepare and send. If the student’s CV is not up to date, this is a perfect opportunity to update information. The CV is uploaded into the Annual Performance Review survey (Part One above).

Part Three: A letter of evaluation to be placed in the student’s file. Students will receive in writing, a memo/note indicating progress that is being made (or not made) and areas in which they may want to increase/decrease their activities/involvement.

In addition to helping the departments and college highlight your many accomplishments, survey results and CVs will be used to inform departmental graduate faculty committee assessments of your progress and will aid in composition of your annual letters of evaluation. Thank you for your compliance with this request and your efforts to further the scholarly, instructional and service missions of the college.