The Teacher/Adviser Of The Year Committee serves to (1) solicit nominations for designated awards offered by the College and University to its faculty and advisers; (2) review and assess candidates’ portfolios for College awards; and, (3) make recommendations to the Dean for College and University awards.


Members of the Teacher/Adviser Of The Year Committee shall be appointed for one-year terms by the dean.

Operating Code

Teacher & Advisor of the Year Committee Operating Code

Members (2023-24)

  • Ashlee Hoffman-Ossiboff (HEB)  CHAIR
  • Diba Mani (APK)
  • Christine Wegner (SPM)
  • Nasim Binesh (THEM)
  • Hannah Lavoie (HHPGO REP)
  • Beth Barton (Ex. Officio)

For guidelines and more information, visit HERE