The Awards Committee serves to 1) solicit nominations for designated awards offered by the College and University to its faculty and alumni; 2) review and select recipients for College awards; and, 3) make recommendations to the Dean for University awards. This Committee also serves to advise the Dean on issues pertaining to faculty and alumni awards.

Operating Code:

Awards Committee Operating Code


  • Liana Hone (HEB) - CHAIR
  • Max Adolphs (APK)
  • Svetlana Stepchenkova (THEM)
  • Yonghwan Chang (SPM)
  • Mark McGriff (Alumni)
  • Tom Bell (Alumni)
  • Jill Varnes (Alumni)
  • Shari Mack (Ex. Officio)
  • Lesley Thurston (Ex. Officio)
  • Danielle Brown (Ex. Officio)
  • Beth Barton (Ex. Officio)

Agenda Items:

Select the Hall of Fame recipients, Select the Outstanding Young Alumni recipient(s), and Select the B.K. Stevens Award recipient.