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Natalie S. King (BSAPK ’09)

passionate about preparing students for careers in STEM disciplines

Natalie S. King  (BSAPK ’09)

Natalie S. King, Ph.D., is a three-time UF graduate, and assistant professor of science education at Georgia State University. Her scholarly work focuses on advancing black girls in STEM education, youth community programs and how curriculum can be used to promote science teaching and learning. Dr. King is passionate about preparing students to enter careers within the STEM disciplines and founded “I AM STEM Camps,” community-based programs that provide comprehensive curricula while still embracing student cultural experiences. She reframes STEM education as a mechanism to promote sisterhood and social justice.

King’s work is published in academic journals such as the Journal of Research in Science Teaching and the Journal of Multicultural Affairs. She is particularly interested in dismantling educational barriers and centering faith-based institutions as a resource in underserved communities. She believes that churches have the potential to be a driving force for STEM education, and can positively impact younger generations by promoting intergenerational relationships, civic leadership and activism. King recently released a book, “Let the Church say Amen to STEM: Guidebook to Launching and Growing Extraordinary Youth Programs.”

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