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Annabelle Juin (BSBA ’17, BSSPM ’17, MSSPM ’18)

Event manager for a global architecture firm behind NFL Pro Bowl and NCAA Men's Final Four

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Annabelle Juin, BSBA '17, BSSPM '17, MSSPM '18, is an event manager on the major events team for Populous, a global architectural firm. Juin works from Denver, Colorado. 

Tell us about your organization. What makes it interesting?

I work for Populous which at its core is an architectural firm. The architecture side of the company mainly builds arenas, ballparks, stadiums and convention centers all over the world. The division of the company I work in is the events division and we focus on temporary event builds. What is really cool about the work we do is that all of our solutions are design and temporary architecture focused. We lead with design and we produce incredible drawings that guide the operations for building out and planning major events. To bring event management and design together allows us to think creatively and provide solutions that one style of thinking doesn't always deliver.

My team is directly involved in events like the NFL Pro Bowl, NCAA Men's Final Four, Warrior Games and many others.

What personal characteristics must a person have to succeed in a role like yours?

In a given year, I travel about 40-50% of the time. The job balances multiple projects, multiple clients and often events in multiple cities. Having a high attention to detail, being able to balance multiple projects, staying on top of deadlines and having the mental and physical stamina to work on the road is really important. From a characteristics standpoint, having ambition, a desire to learn and grow, willingness to do a task for the project and really being proactive are qualities that have allowed me and my team to be successful.

What do you read or watch to keep up with your industry?

I LOVE podcasts! Currently listening to Brene Brown's "Dare to Lead," Adam Grant's "ReThinking" and Sporticast, the Business of Sports. For books, I just finished "Lead from Any Seat" and "Cues." I study less about the industry itself but more the changing environment of leadership.

How has your education in HHP helped you with your career?

I loved my classes in HHP and have taken so many concepts and lessons from the classes into work. From the beginning, having an opportunity to build on my resumes and cover letters helped secure my first couple of jobs. In other classes, I was able to build a project management plan, learn the variety of ways to market products in the sport industry and gained overall exposure to different branches of the industry. Building friendships with my peers who shared similar interests and having professors be supportive of my growth are just added benefits from the program that have helped me excel in the industry.

If you could give your freshman self one piece of advice, what would it be? Why?

Be patient and be eager. I've learned that you really don't get anywhere by sitting back and letting the opportunities come to you. It takes research, networking, applying, cold calling and putting yourself out there for others to see the spark and energy you bring to the table. But in the same breath, growth doesn't happen immediately and there will not be a linear trajectory to be successful. Be willing to move, be willing to try something new and be patient that something good will happen.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I go to small events. I get the opportunity to plan major events every day and I love that about my job, but I also work with clients that have a lot of money to do really cool things. I love checking out local 5Ks, farmers' markets, craft shows, community events or holiday festivals. Typically these events run off of a smaller budget and I love to see the creativity in bringing these events to life. I have gotten so many ideas that I can bring to my events just by checking out projects in my backyard.

What is one thing someone might not know about you?

I really love the outdoors and adventure. Growing up in Florida, our outdoor activities were mostly going to the beach. Now I love hiking, camping, rock climbing, scuba diving and snowshoeing.

[Profile added in 2022.]

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