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#UFHHP Celebrates International Education Week

November 15, 2021

The College of Health & Human Performance joins the International Center in celebrating International Education Week 2021, November 15-19.

The celebration kicked off on Friday, Nov. 12 with a college-wide luncheon recognizing international students and their achievements.

Certificates of Excellence – International Student Achievement Awards Honorees
Pictured left to right: Christopher Janelle, Ph.D., associate dean, academic and student affairs; Hyejin Park, tourism, hospitality and event management (THEM) graduate student; Montserrat Carrera Seoane, health education and behavior (HEB) graduate student; Rojan Baniya, THEM graduate student; Katarzyna Emin, THEM graduate student; Zeel Mehta, applied physiology and kinesiology (APK) graduate student; Yoon Jin Choi, APK graduate student; Chih-Hsuan Chou, APK graduate student; Michael Fitzgerald, coordinator of global engagement

>> Not pictured: Mariapaula De Sousa, THEM undergraduate student; Ricarda Pritschmann, HEB graduate student

On Monday, Diba Mani, Ph.D., instructional assistant professor in applied physiology and kinesiology, will be recognized as the HHP Junior Faculty International Educators Awardee during the International Education Awards Ceremony. The awards recognize the outstanding contributions of UF community members to advancing the educational mission of the university on a global scale.

Congratulations, Dr. Mani!

On Tuesday, the following nine HHP students will receive Certificates of Excellence at the Annual International Student Achievement Awards ceremony hosted by the UF International Center.

  • Rojan Baniya (Advisor: Dr. Svetlana Stepchenkova)
  • Montserrat Carrera Seoane (Advisor: Dr. Megan McVay)
  • Yoon Jin Choi (Advisor: Dr. Evangelos Christou)
  • Chih-Hsuan Chou (Advisor: Dr. Elisabeth Barton)
  • Mariapaula De Sousa (Advisors: Ms. Bobbi Cabaret & Dr. Heather Gibson)
  • Katarzyna Emin (Advisor: Dr. Andrei Kirilenko)
  • Zeel Mehta (Advisor: Dr. Paul Borsa)
  • Hyejin Park (Advisor: Dr. Svetlana Stepchenkova)
  • Ricarda Pritschmann (Advisor: Dr. Ali Yurasek)
Congratulations to our outstanding international students and their mentors!

On Wednesday, students and the college community are invited to stop by the Florida Gym courtyard between 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for information about several study abroad programs in 2022. 

  • North Queensland: Sustaining Humans and their Environment
  • Fiji: Sustaining Humans and their Environment
  • Germany: Kinesiology & Engineering
  • Germany: International Perspectives on Health and Human Performance
>> More information at

The 14th Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon and Food Drive is also scheduled on the Florida Gym Floor on Wednesday. The college will host a contest for the best homemade international side dish to welcome flavors from around the world. Attendees are encouraged to share their favorite international recipes at the event.

A full list of IEW events hosted by the UF International Center and other units on campus can be found at

The college strives to enrich lives, influence healthy living and enhance human performance of diverse populations worldwide. Thank you to the members of our international community for bringing their broad and global perspectives to our college. 

Happy International Education Week!

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