The Department of Applied Physiology & Kinesiology provides an environment that supports and fosters the development of productive, high-quality graduate students. Our students are supported by generous departmental research and teaching assistantships and NIH training grants. This support and mentoring has allowed APK doctoral students to present annually at national and international conferences and to publish in high impact journals. The curriculum is designed to develop the next generation of scientific leaders in our fields.

The following Applied Physiology & Kinesiology concentrations are available for our Ph.D. students:

Where Our Graduates Work

Our Ph.D. graduates readily obtain research fellowship positions in prestigious research universities and institutes as well as academic positions where they impact future generations. They are also prepared for jobs in industry like medical imaging, sports performance and pharmaceutical positions and rehabilitation medicine.

Areas of Research Interest

APK houses internationally recognized experts in the areas of skeletal muscle biology, movement neuroscience, motor control, cardiovascular physiology, biomechanics, environmental and pathological stress, performance psychology, and sports medicine. Annual research funding for the unit is approximately $5.3 million.

Contact Info:

Stephen Coombes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator

Mike Balkcom
Office Assistant

For a complete overview of our HHP doctoral program, download the HHP Ph.D. Student Handbook.