THEM welcomes any companies that would like to work alongside its department to create relationships with emerging leaders in the tourism, hospitality and events industries. From hiring students to partnering with the department, THEM offers a diverse range of opportunities to be involved with the latest events at the University of Florida.

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The Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management stands at the industry's forefront. THEM faculty and alumni lead with passion and innovation to uncover the most current trends and findings of the industry.


Contact the THEM Department to connect with the brightest minds of the industry. The department makes the recruiting process easy for employers, hosting events and offering in-class visits to get to know the department's standout students. 

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Students involved in the Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management program at UF are trained in a variety of skillsets relating to analysis, accounting, marketing, and management. The student internship program is part of our students’ degree program where we aim to expose our students to the future of the industry, while exposing businesses to the future leaders of it. 



THEM Students Assist with the St. Augustine History Festival

THEM students are paving the way for the next generation of event managers with hands-on experience. The students in Rayven Crisafulli’s HFT 2750 Event Management class were engaged in the planning, coordinating, and management of the first St. Augustine History Festival in May 2022. Students in the class were given the opportunity to gain professional experience as true event managers by sourcing and booking vendors, creating graphics, proposing event activities, designing the event aesthetics and evaluating the logistics of the participating venues. A select three students were then invited to participate in the onsite coordination of the Opening Celebration for the festival at the Governor’s House Cultural Center & Museum.